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The New guy

2009-12-16 08:53:06 by Tane89

It's the new guy Tane89!

I must say that I am really pleased to be a part of because I didn't know that this was not only a site where you can play the best flash games out there, but also a site where you can directly contact the artists, programmers and composers of many masterpieces.

This makes me very happy and i must introduce myself properly.

I am a ready artist that has been drawing since he knows about himself and I am a really creative guy when it comes to stories, characters etc. I would really love to work in a project or to help in one. You may browse through my small collection of art on my account that i think will help any game makers. If you need a story for your game or a character design send me a message and I will reply as fast as I can. Also i started doing animation on the free software pencil so if someone has some tips for me they will be of great use. Take in consideration that i do not posses a drawing tablet and the art you see on my account is strictly done in Gimp with my mouse. I will see to it that i submit some art drawn by hand (not by hand holding the mouse :) and then put on my friend's scanner. I am also composing music with my DJ friend that is able to bring my melodies to life. I will also be submitting some of our short audio tracks but you will have limited access to some, while my art and story creating abilities are always open to you. Just please give credit to my work.

I love doing thorough reviews on games and you can already read some of them on the games that left me the biggest impression. More of Tane89 coming soon and I hope I get in a project soon.

P.S. As I said on the beginning I'm a new guy here, so any tips or advices on how things work here can prove to be useful. Also If I'm doing something wrong I want to know ASAP!

Thank you all.

The New guy


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2010-04-01 05:57:42

Did you figure out alraidy that it's april fools day?