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Perdition Perdition

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game is a living proof why simple platformers can give you a far better fun time than AAA games! The story was gorgeous and the constant ability to make choices blended so well with it. I haven't played through all options, but I intend too when I have the time, I want to get all medals and see all endings. Why? Because the game tells me to with its great animations, music and art style...and I'm but a simple Android that has to OBEY! :) Great job Carrill. As one game developer to another, you did an awesome job! Hope to see even more out of you.

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Avant-Garde Avant-Garde

Rated 3 / 5 stars

WOW! Firstly....compliments!

I love the way you "painted" the life of an artist in this game. Not having money for anything is quite realistic for artists of that period, refused pictures make you play harder and try to stay out of debts. Loved the abilities, the advantages and flaws

Now, a few tips if I may :)

It is a truly unique subject and the part when you can learn something from Wikipedia is awesome, you should expand on this aspect and continue adding curated content. This could be a mini game in which you find pages of a book that contains that curated content taken from wikipedia + the W button should be also present (like it is now) in order someone who is more interested in art wants to read more.

Also a part where you actually DRAW with your mouse would also be good. After choosing the technique, style and type of surface you draw on. No matter what you've drawn, you should be able to see your pictures. This will connect the player emotionally to the game which is essential. If this concept works you should talk about sharing pictures from players here on newgrounds or connecting the game directly to share the drawings on facebook. This will raise the popularity of the game.

Once more, BRAVO! This is a fantastic game taking into consideration that it is still in development. Can't w8 for avatars and more engagement ideas in the game. If you want more of my ideas, feel free to text me.

All the best

Reachin'Pichin Reachin'Pichin

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Can't fly? Don't worry you can still reach the sky

If there are three words with which you could describe an excellent flash game, those words would be: FUN, ADDICTIVE & CUTE. When I stared doing reviews on flash games, I've encountered thousands of ugly-blood-gore filled games, and I was disappointed, but after a while I saw that many people started preferring cute games instead of those bitter ones. This game is a typical example of CUTE flash.
You play as a little being called Pichin, that has one wish only. TO FLY! Because he cannot do that, he does the thing that comes closest to flying. JUMPING HIGH. And that's about it. Simple story but nothing more is required because once you jump, you cannot wait to jump again. You find yourself in a lab and you instantly see many buttons around you that you cannot click yet, except the FLY button. And when you press that big red button, the journey begins! You go up in the sky gathering different ore and coins and you fall back to the ground.

The game would have been fun as it is, but with the EVOLUTION, RESEARCH, STATS and SKILLS system (the buttons you uncover later on), this game rises its LEVEL as high as an RPG game. Every button brings you to a new world of options, with which you can bring uniqueness to your creature, and with those choices later on you EVOLVE in to something different (depending on how you put your stats). When you mix RPG character creation with CUTE flash, you get this masterpiece! Suitable for boys & girls of 4, men or women of 44- everyone wants to jump! With only mouse movement and clear menus, playing has never been easier. Just spend that ore and money on abilities and press the fly button and you'll notice how you go up higher every time!

The art is simply beautiful and the music is very fun, although it can get boring if you play too long (and that is surely POSSIBLE), but you can turn it off at any given time. The frame rate is good even with slow computers, but a quality option should be available (maybe it is but i didn't see it). Lastly the Active Ability system should be changed. When having multiple active abilities it is hard to switch them with the left mouse click because you also activate them when holding the same button. Key-binding would be great and if that is too difficult at least right mouse click should be implemented.

On the whole this is a wonderful game that took a very important place in Flash History! So don't stay in your chair all day. Start JUMPING :)

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Heart of Ice Heart of Ice

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The ability of making Games

It always brings me joy when I see a young programmer with the ability to make games. It is a very hard job and it requires a lot of commitment. As I can see here we're talking about a solo project (or are we) with the music by some other authors. We have a complete game with some minor bugs and with a lot of potential. BUT. The thing that solo programmers don't understand is that the opinion of others means a lot and that by going solo you can prove your worth but decrease the worth of your game. That is why a small team is always required. The mechanics of this game work almost perfect everyone can agree with that, but the art is on a far lower level, animations are smooth but require even more frames at times, the music is also nice but at times it's just gone as if to bring an intriguing atmosphere which it doesn't. Why? Again because of the art. The mysterious feeling is there but the art just doesn't keep it up. So when i played this game I felt sad seeing all the work that was put into it...If only the art was more serious and the design of the character and the bosses better this would have been one of the best platformers. But there are many games here on newgrounds that surpass this game. Although I'm giving a 7 for the game I will give a 10 to the master that made it. He will surely be rewarded for his effort and if working in a team he will make wonderful games in the future.

Greek & Wicked Greek & Wicked

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

My only Greek friend...KRATOS!

From the first moment I got hooked on writing reviews on flash games and got drawn in to the flash world I wondered only one thing: Why isn't there a flash game with Kratos? If there is except this one I would really like to see it. Still, besides this little game and a very unfunny flash movie about Kratos that I've seen here a couple of months ago, Kratos is absent from the flash scene. Why is that I still don't know. There are many flash games about other famous characters and nobody sued the creators. So come on GODS OF FLASH give us more Kratos falsh games, I know you can do it. SwingSwing has already done it! Unite with him, and create a memorable Kratos flash game. I will provide the story if needed, It would be my pleasure.

But enough with my never ending desires to see many Kratos flash games in the is time to REVIEW!

What we have here is a wonderful little game about the first epic battle in God of War I. The art is interesting and the gameplay returns many memories from my childhood, but it is not unique, just forgotten. Still it is very brave to make this gameplay active in 2010, and I am proud that the creator respects the OLD WAYS OF GAMING :D. So you can't complain about the frame rate ;) The sound effects are solid, but a remake of an epic soundtrack from gow is required, also some camera effects would make this old gameplay look modern. If there is a sequel more puzzling levels would be needed and some finishing moves transformed in old school would be fun to see.

This game is a fun idea and I hope it is the beginning of the Flash Kratos ERA.

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SwingSwing responds:

Our lives are not dedicated to Kratos, but it was a pleasure to make this game :)
We hope you'll like our next games, even if Kratos is not in them.

Project EDDIE Project EDDIE

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Dwell in the past...but Eddie is in the present!

While my time here on newgrounds, I have seen many horizontal flight games. It is sad to say that I didn't love the art in most of them and almost hated the simple animations. When you play a game like this, small details, wicked music and fun animations are the ones that bring you closer to the experience. So, getting some good old sprites is always a fun choice. Creating them yourself is even more challenging...but this game brought back some nice memories of old times when i played RAPTOR as a kid :) These type of games never get old, and I even think that more should be made today, cause there are many of us that will still love them and play them in one breath. So go ahead and dwell in the past with this small robot Eddie that is trying to save our old hero Megaman. You will have a great time! :)

About the story: Good start! You should continue with a couple of harder levels then a twist is required. Something like...MEGAMAN DIES! and everyone are sad and your powers are weak for the next three levels. Then Eddie decides that he will be the next Megaman and destroy every villain that kidnapped the original Megamen. Then upgrades should be added, talent trees and all that...near the end you fight the last boss and after that you find out that Megaman is actually alive! And after that you should make a choice: A GOOD CHOICE: give up your powers and return being a maintenance droid happy that Megaman was alive, OR A BAD CHOICE: Fight in an Epic Battle vs MEGAMAN!

This is just one option of how the story should go.

Thanks for this game Tom, hope you won't forget it, you made my day :)


Hippolyta Hippolyta

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Run for your life? Not really :)

When I first saw this idea in full length games like prince of Persia and in God of War I liked it a lot. Mini games many times rule the game and bash out that boring repetitive feeling that tends to get stronger as you near the game's end.
But I never thought that this mini game that tests your reflexes can be turned into a whole game, then I saw the Stabica series that did just that. Wasn't really happy about how it turned out and didn't hoped that this odd type of games will continue.

But here we are again with the same type of game and with it come the same type of feelings. You can easily get nervous, happy and you can turn off your PC as easy as that, but still this game has many things to offer. There are no arrows that point you what to do next, only sounds, your eyes and quick reflexes are the key which makes this game fun to play. The learning curve is quick but as you progress through the game the levels get a lot harder. This would have been a problem if this game had 30 levels, but it only has 4 and if you like this game as much as i did, you wouldn't have a problem finishing it.
You play as an Amazon warrior that escapes her prison as soon as she heals and as she leaves the stables on her horse the long pursuit begins. You will dodge arrows, kill farmers and warriors on horses, evade trees and rocks also duck under some long and short tents, you will jump with your horse over traps and long gaps...After you finish the game you will see that you have earned some AP points that will enable you to buy some other game modes. And the fun continues... But the thing that surprised me most was the multiplayer. Yup, now you can enjoy this with a friend (after you've bought this mode with AP points) in two game modes, RACE and obstacle course.

The art of this game is great, the animation is really good and the music is awesome! The gameplay is fast and fun, but it requires a good PC to play smoothly. So if you don't have that, the frame rate will not get better even if you put it on LOW and multiplayer will lag even more. This is maybe the only flaw of the game and some minor bugs. A game is rarely perfect, but I would strongly recommend to get all the achievments here and enjoy the ride.

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The Great Massacre The Great Massacre

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Put your sword into it!

If you're one of the gory guys who prefer Berserkers instead of Warriors, than this is the game for you!

Get into the shoes of a mighty immortal who does what any immortal does best.
Killing enemies to pass the time :) But to bring a little change into your boring life, the boss takes away your strength and immortality.


DONT BE! Cause you're still a bulking buffoon that can drag that enormous sword around... and a mission awaits.

In this game you fight with many different enemies in three level zones filled with different types of challenges. You can Upgrade your character with armor and weapon sets, upgrade his stats, buy items, learn combos, unlock achievements and much more... These are the things that just keep you from turning off this game and although the gameplay gets a bit dull after a while, still it is fun to see yourself combining hits, battling bosses and making your character stronger. The animation could have been a little better, but combined with the beautiful music, killing seems like art.

On the whole this game continues the genre of the KHRONOS type games and shows how they could evolve, so I could easily say that this game should have a second part and if it does not, this genre will surely continue to exist bringing us more of these fun games.

I can only hope for multiplayer, better stories and character creation. If someone pays attention to these elements, these types of games will not go unnoticed in the future.

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Block Squad Block Squad

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Story + Art + Animation = Success

I never write a review before I finish a game. But in this case I was too nervous to finish this game. Not because it was too difficult, (it's not actually you just have to think couple moves ahead) but it made me think of Knightfall 2.

In that review I stated that the animation and art could be better. And now I see that I was right about thinking that Megadev can create better art and animation. But I was really nervous when I saw that this is an older game then Knightfall 2. So I have a question: You have a brilliant idea about a game. (with the tetris like bricks) You can create good art and perfect animation but still you wont use them in your new game? Why? Why make excellent animation in one game and then don't make it even better in your next one?

If Knightfall 1 & 2 were older then Blocksquad everything would have been alright but they're not!

So once more I politely ask Megadev to create a game in which they implement all elements of greatness: Story + Art + Animation. YOU CAN DO IT I KNOW!
If you combine all of this elements you will have an interesting successful game that will become on of the best games on Newgrounds.

My hopes are with you!

Knightfall 2 Knightfall 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The knight falls again

If you're bored from the typical level gaining and gear acquiring but still love the idea and would like to go through a story driven game without grinding your way out of a dungeon, then Knightfall 2 brings the different experience on your screen.

In this game you take the role of a Knight rescuing his princess (Cliche story ), but you do it in unique way featuring mixed action/rpg-tetris style gameplay. You never heard of it I know, and you must play it to understand it. Your Hero wields a drill-like pike (love the sound of that) that helps you drill through the bricks. If you land on your enemies heads you kill them, if you step in their attacking blocks then you must withstand their wrath. Your goal is to obtain a key and go through a door with it. The game seems to simple and too complex at times, but as you play it you'll realize that it is really balanced. There is a good tutorial for new and old players that helps a lot so you should read it. The game runs smoothly, the music is not bad, the background art is perfect but the art of the knight, his enemies and the bricks could have been much better.

But the idea beats it all. This innovative game is worth your time and will probably suck you in till you finish it.

And there you have it, a knight that keeps falling.
Make sure he falls to victory!

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